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Extraordinary circumstances require an extraordinary speaker

With her energy, engaging wit and common sense approach, Leslie has won over audiences from coast-to-coast.  As the founder of Order Out of Chaos, Leslie brings more than a decade’s worth of professional experience working one-on-one with her clients to her speaking engagements.  Known for her content-rich and interactive presentations, she uses her “Tales from the Trenches” and trademark “Triple T’s” (tips, tools and techniques), to untangle such complex, complicated and emotionally-charged subjects as Kicking Procrastination to the CurbTime Management Skills for Teens or Living in a “Clutter Culture” to name a few.  Whether making a keynote address, leading a workshop or moderating a panel, members of parent and professional groups, associations and companies all come away from Leslie’s appearances better equipped to understand and meet the challenges confronting them.

Leslie is an award-winning author, internationally-acclaimed speaker and an award-winning entrepreneur. She is the creator of the award-winning Academic Planner: A Tool for Time Management®, and the author of “What’s the Deal with Teens and Time Management” (People Tested Media, 2015). She brought “Order Out of Chaos” to life from a very personal mission. She is the mother of a teen with ADHD and other learning challenges. She founded her company with the mission of providing professional time management and coaching services, and family education to others. Her educational products and books are created for individuals to help bring “order out of chaos” to their lives. 

Past Speaking Engagements

Children and Adults with ADHD

Kuwait Association of Learning Differences

Smart Kids With Learning Disabilities

ADDitude Magazine

Pennsylvania Department of Education

Learning Disabilities Association of America

Washington University in St. Louis

Cornell University

Morgan Stanley

American Diabetes Association

Amscan, Inc.

New York City Department of Education

MBooth Public Relations

Future Business Leaders of America

The Matan Institute

Home Educational Council of America


National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals

Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers of England

The Institute for Challenging Disorganization


Professional Organizers in Canada

National Ramah Camping Commission

Olentangy Ohio School District

Hillsborough Township School District


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Sample Speaking Programs

Raising Problem Solvers vs. Direction Followers . . .

How do we get our children to take ownership, responsibility and accountability of their time and tasks? How can we as educators and parents stop telling them what to do and when? Leslie’s signature “coach approach” can help YOU help your child develop individualized and achievable plans to address issues, devise manageable steps to reach goals, and learn strategies and techniques that foster independence and competency. We will explore some of the tools needed to help strengthen your child’s brain so that they can build habits, routines and memory skills.

10:00PM: Don’t You Have Homework to Do? Organizing Strategies for Student Success . . .

Leslie will open the door to the world of organization and time management, what it really means, why they are life skills and not just school skills and why your student doesn’t get it. Learn innovative and out-of-the box tips, tools and techniques that provide guidance for parents looking to help their student understand, develop and implement these essential life skills.

Late, Lost & Lagging Behind: Demystifying Executive Functions . . .

Executive functioning skills are essential to how we learn and act. They are the brain’s ability to filter, suppress and “screen out” all incoming information (including our own thoughts and reactions) that might “get in the way” of our ability to self-regulate and complete tasks. When the brakes are not working optimally, you have difficulty attending to the “correct thing”, at the right time, with the right intensity and flexibility. Leslie will break down the six core Executive Functions, explain how they control EVERYTHING we do, and detail specific scaffolding, strategies and systems to offer support for each one. She will explain how they affect our student and adult clients and provide practical solutions using case studies to help conquer organization, time management, procrastination and focusing weaknesses.

Kick Procrastination to the Curb: Tools to Get You or Your Student Unstuck and Started . . .

Leslie will delve deep into the different types of procrastination, how “mood” is one of the leading causes of procrastination and how techniques like “time travel’ and “define and assign” can help you get unstuck and started. She will share real solutions and strategies to help your group or your student initiate, sustain effort and use their environment for motivation.

It’s About Time: Uncovering the Obstacles to Conquer What Gets in Our Way . . .

Time is one of our most precious resources, yet we battle daily to make sense of our relationship to it. In this workshop, Leslie will analyze the social, emotional and intellectual elements that rob us of time, and pinpoint key tools towards reframing these roadblocks. In addition, participants will create their own “Personal Time Profile” in order to maximize productivity practices. We’ll also discuss the differences between motivation management and time management, and the significant role that environment plays in both.

The “Cost” of Living In The Clutter Culture . . .

With the prevalence of Marie Kondo, minimalism and the “experience” movement in the popular media, clutter and our relationship to it is more popular than ever before. In this workshop, Leslie Josel, organizing expert and guest hoarding specialist from the hit show “Hoarders: Buried Alive, will discuss how much our clutter is truly costing us in time, money and space, the effect it has on us emotionally, and how organizing and managing these possessions has grown into a billion dollar industry. Leslie will challenge us to address the relationship between the stuff in our head and what’s under our bed, our attachment to our belongings and provide us with tips, tools, and techniques for letting go, scaling back, and making sure that our stuff truly matters.

Make Order Out Of Your Chaos . . .

Tips and Tales From the Trenches – When we organize our environment, we kick our life into high gear. We accomplish more than we even knew we wanted to. Leslie will challenge your audience to address their hidden organizational and time- management demons with her “Triple Ts” – tips, tools and techniques – and put them on track for getting AND staying organized!