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Your Parenting Journey should never be taken alone.

Let Order Out of Chaos teach you how to guide your student to success in learning & in life.

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Overwhelmed, Frustrated, or Lost Trying to Help Your Student?


Hi, I’m Leslie Josel & I started Order Out of Chaos (OOOC) when my son Eli was 5 years old and newly diagnosed with ADHD. Only having my gut and instincts to help untangle his world, I always wished I had someone to answer my questions. Guide me to solutions. A community to reassure me I was on the right track. And I’m thinking if that was missing for me 15 years ago, then that might be missing for you now. That’s where OOOC comes in.
We Get You.  ADHD or not. Mainstream or Learning Differences. Quiet or Explosive. Elementary or High School. Disorganized or No Time Sense. It doesn’t matter. We’ve been down those roads and seen it all. Both personally and professionally. Here at Order Out of Chaos, you’ll find a wide variety of resources curated by an award-winning expert and used by thousands of parents & their students aimed to improve the well-being of those you love most — and yourself too!

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