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Is your student prepared to succeed in high school, college and beyond?
Do they have the necessary support and guidance to achieve their full potential? 

Student Coaching Can Get Them on Track!


How We Can Help:

We work with high school and college students all over the world to help them create structures and systems and learn skills to achieve their personal and academic goals. We help students develop the tools they need to:

  • Establish goals and a road map to achieve them

  • Sustain motivation and overcome procrastination tendencies

  • Develop strong study skills

  • Create a Personal Homework Profile to tap into their optimum skill set

  • Become a self-advocate and self starter at home and school

  • Improve time management and organizational skills

  • Strengthen relationships with parents & professionals



You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Can Coaching Truly Help My Student?

The coaching process is really about facilitating the process the student takes to develop HIS or HER own critical success skills. Through weekly sessions (conducted virtually via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom), and additional weekly check-ins, we help students stay focused on their personalized goals, gain clarity and function more effectively. The sessions also provide a forum for students to share concerns or struggles and get support without judgement or criticism. With trust and collaboration, we build responsibility and accountability in your student for their life.  When appropriate, we also provide additional information and resources to help create personalized solutions that fit the way YOUR teen thinks. We keep them on track, help transfer skills and ensure they are working towards THEIR goals.

How Does It Work?

The coaching process begins with an initial Client Assessment session.  This is a 90-minute session (performed virtually). The client assessment is always done with the student present. A parent being present is mandatory if the student is in high school and at the discretion of the student if they are in college.  Prior to the session, you’ll complete BOTH the parent and student forms below:

During the Client Assessment session we’ll discuss expectations and concerns, review paperwork, school and medical history and talk about the coaching process.  We’ll also create a detailed Action Plan, which will set out the specific goals your student wants to achieve, skills to be developed and a schedule for future coaching sessions.

Following the Client Assessment session, we’ll conduct regular sessions with your student based on the schedule we establish.  Maintaining consistency in the timing and conduct of these sessions can really have an impact on the effectiveness of the coaching process.  Therefore, we generally look to schedule these sessions on a weekly basis (conducted virtually) for 45 minutes.  In certain circumstances, especially at the outset of the process or during a particularly busy or difficult period for your student, we may find that more frequent sessions are needed.  In other situations, we might determine that the on-going sessions can be held on a less frequent basis.  Regardless, the schedule established is one that we think will best address your student’s needs and enable the coaching process to provide the most positive benefits and results.

How Much Does It Cost?

The initial Client Assessment session is charged at a single flat rate that covers both the preliminary review of the intake forms and the session itself.

Following the Client Assessment session and the creation of the Action Plan, we will determine our schedule for on-going coaching sessions. For those with regular, weekly sessions, there will be a single weekly fee that will cover the following:

  • Weekly 45 minutes session (done virtually)

  • Unlimited text/email/telephone contact and support between sessions

  • Copies of relevant tools by request, such as session notes, action plan highlights, reminders, etc.

*** Please note that parents can have one short monthly call to discuss their student’s progress, goals, etc. All parent follow-up SESSIONS are NOT included in the weekly fee and are billed separately.

A Rave Review From a Parent


“Time management had always been a challenge for our daughter, and we determined that the bulk of her issues were the result of not keeping up with her work. So I contacted Leslie Josel at the recommendation of a friend, and she has been a Godsend!”

– Maureen C.




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