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Student Coach Training & Small Business Coaching 

Become the Coach or Business Owner You Want to Be!

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An Introduction from Leslie

Whether you are a professional organizer looking to add Student Coach Training to your already impressive credentials, or a business owner needing strategic business guidance, a thought-out marketing plan or even ways to introduce other streams of income seamlessly to your business; there is no better way to get the answers you need than with personalized, individual attention from someone who is solely focused on YOU and YOUR Business. 

As an award-winning entrepreneur and coach for over 15 years, I turned my local, sole-practitioner business into a multi-faceted (products, speaking, writing, etc.), global company.  I’ve helped countless business owners not only build their businesses but also help them build a strong foundation FIRST so that each new element works seamlessly to support the others. 



Student Coach Training

I am passionate about helping students.  Period.  And through my years as an academic/life coach, I’ve developed my own way of coaching and connecting with students that works! I’ve also realized that there are many more students needing help to create structures and systems and develop skills to achieve their personal and academic goals than there are qualified coaches to provide that help.  So I developed my own “program” to teach other professionals how to do the work I do.

Working with students presents its own set of unique challenges, as well as opportunities.  Through my Student Coach Training services, I work one-on-one to help you:

  • Develop the substantive expertise needed to work with students

  • Identify opportunities to launch and/or expand your student coaching business

  • Design and implement communications and marketing strategies

  • Recognize ways to diversify and expand your income streams through partnerships, related-professionals, affiliates and other opportunities.

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Smal Business Coaching

Small Business Coaching 

Time management. Goal-setting. Productivity. Marketing. Strategic Planning. Additional Streams of Income. 

As business owners we know all too well the importance of embracing and mastering these skills.  And more and more, we are realizing that doing so on our own is REALLY hard.

As a business owner who started out as a local sole practitioner and grew Order Out of Chaos to a 6-figure, multi-faceted global company, I have a deep understanding of these skills and the roadblocks that confront people seeking to master them.  I have developed and customized strategies to help countless individuals identify, address and conquer those roadblocks and build the skills to succeed.  And my own experience as an entrepreneur and business owner provides me with a unique perspective in my professional coaching practice.

Whether you are just launching your business or career or are a seasoned veteran; whether you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, whether you want to develop a seamless vision and marketing plan or introduce other streams of income, I work with you to make sure you are strategic, deliberate and keep an eye on your bottom line.

I provide professional coaching services through two models

"DARR" Coaching

“DARR” stands for Develop, Apply, Rinse and Repeat and is my take on multi-session, multi-stage coaching services.  In DARR coaching, you and I work closely to identify goals and obstacles and develop short-, mid- and long-term strategies to achieve those goals.  We work together as you implement those strategies, discussing and evaluating progress to determine what is working, what isn’t, what needs tweaking and what needs tossing. 

Through this process, we develop a deep relationship through which I can continually assess, guide and assist you for as long as you find our work together to be useful and productive.  That means weekly check-ins, emergency phone calls, all that good stuff and support!

The DARR Coaching approach is for the professional that is looking for multiple sessions.


Initial Call is 120 Minutes:


Additional Calls are 60 Minutes: 



All sessions are billed on an hourly rate and can be paid as we go.


Please email us at to schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation so that we can be sure that coaching is right for you and that we’re a match.


"AMA" Session

“AMA” stands for “Ask Me Anything”.  I understand. You’re new to the business, or you just have a question or two you want to ask a seasoned veteran. I was that person years ago and hated asking someone to divulge their intellectual property without giving them the respect they deserved.

So I developed this session specifically as a single, one-off session during which you get to bring your “Qs” and I’ll bring the “As!”  Prior to the AMA session, we will ask you to submit some of your questions before hand so that your time is used to the maximum efficiency! AMA sessions are intended for people who have discrete questions or issues they’d like answers to or guidance on.


30 Minute Call:



Let’s Get Started!

To set up your first call or to ask any questions, please email us at or call 914.315.9282