Organized? A Teen’s Perspective

I am so excited to give my son, a freshman in high school,  a chance to offer his survival guide for getting through high school.Hi, I’m Eli Josel and I’m a freshman in High School. I am the son of Leslie Josel, the owner of “Order Out Of Chaos” and the reason you are reading this blog or newsletter in the first place! I don’t mean to steal her spotlight but I am the reason her company, website and awesome planner exists! Right now I am going to share my mom’s methods, techniques, tips and tricks that I find helpful- and NO, I am NOT being forced to do this!

“The Leslieian Theory” The theory that if you are preoccupied, it is better to use an external commandment to remind you what responsibilities need to get done. This means something that isn’t your mind ( person, timer, calendar,  message, alarm, a flaming arrow with a roll of parchment that lands right next to your head) should tell you to do homework, call (insert name here), walk the (insert pet here), make (insert meal here), and any other responsibility, like (insert chore here)! It’s not mandatory but it should be if you’re doing something else before you’re reminded. My mom didn’t fully teach me this one but she’s usually the “external commandment”!

Planners NO I’M NOT PROMOTING MY MOM’S PLANNER!  IT’S JUST REALLY HELPFUL!!  I need to write everything down and having it all in one place really helps. I only have to look at one thing to know what I need to be doing. Anything visible or audible helps remind people to do what they need to do and helps manage their time! Even something smellable helps with kitchen related responsibilities!“

First-Thing Organization” I call it that because it means that when I first see something I am about to do is organized or in the right place it helps me not to get overwhelmed before I actually do it! For example: my Legos (one of my hobbies) are sorted in boxes by color, so when I need a red piece I can find it in the “red box”. This also really helps me with homework and schoolwork.  If my binders are organized by subjects and each subject is organized by the date the homework was received/completed I can find what I need or have to do in a second! I could go on but then my “love of my mother’s techniques” would start to get unrealistic. But anyway my mom is helpful to me and I hope she is helpful to you!


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