What To Do With Your Papers From The School Year


School is out for the summer. The students have left the building and their teacher made sure they took all of their papers with them!! Between art projects, report cards, spelling tests, book reports, and various other assignments completed throughout the year, it becomes overwhelming for some to come up with an agreed plan for all of these papers. But have no fear! We have 5 fun tips to help you tackle this summer organizing project with your children.

5 Tips for Tackling School Papers:

  1. Fill a box! For students who have trouble letting go, give them a box to fill up. They will have fun decorating the box and then have them sit down and go through their work from the year and what they really, really want to keep can go in the box.

  2. Use that filing cabinet and some old binders! Make a tab for every subject and sort the papers by student, grade, subject, etc. Reuse their old binders from the year to make a memory book of all of the papers they wish to keep. You can also pick up some pocket protectors to keep the papers nice and neat!

  3. Get hi-tech! We have mentioned before how great the Keepy app is in a LESLIE LIKES blog post. It is an app that let’s you upload and store your child’s photos and school projects. These uploads will get backed up to a drop box so you do not have to worry about losing this year’s school memories.

  4. RECYCLE! Are there some papers that are blank on one side? Keep them for scrap paper in the art room. And the papers that are just no longer needed, give them to a good home - `like the recycling bin.

  5. Have a throw out party! If you plan to just toss it all, first go through the papers with your student. Let them tell you about their favorite projects that they worked on. It will be a fun way for them to recap the year, get cleaned up and ready for the year ahead.


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