Tips for Decluttering After the Holidays!

A picture is worth a thousand words! Before dismantling holiday decorations, tour your house with a camera and photograph all your holiday decorations. Use these photos as a guide for next year--and to remind yourself of what's tucked away in storage. You can keep the photo with your decorations to give you a quick and easy reference.

Clear is King! Choose clear plastic bins to store decorations and ornaments. It takes the guesswork out of what is inside.

Label! Label! Label! When packing decorations, wreaths, lights, etc. away also remember to label the box with not only what is inside BUT where it goes in your home. How easy will next year be if your box is clearly labeled with “Front Door Wreath?”

Consider numbering your bins so you know which ones to open first. Try to put things away in the reverse order of what you need.

No one wants to spend their precious time untangling twisted up strings of lights. Use specially made plastic bins that have spindles for wrapping lights or you can wrap lights around empty paper-towel rolls or wire hangers to keep them tangled free!

Store gift-wrap in specialty containers! My favorite is the Wrap and Tote Organizer! It’s stores all your wrap, tape, ribbons, scissors, gift tags and more in a slim case that fits right in the closet or under the bed. Everything is readily accessible and it’s easy to keep track of your inventory!

Small plastic bags are perfect for corralling small holiday items like festive napkin rings, candles or dreidels. Pack like with like, label each bag and you will be instantly organized for next year!


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